千代田造花のコサージュ・髪飾りは、ご注文ごとの完全オーダーメイドで既製品はありません。すべて国内自社工場で製造しており、高品質な製品を、数十個単位の小ロ ットから数千個の大量ロットまで、自在に対応できます。


自社だけのオリジナルコサージュ・髪飾りを作りたい、展示会やショーに出品する見本を用意したい、素材や色にこだわりたい、安定的に製品を供給してほしい、といった各種お問い合わせ・ご相談は、電子メール、お電話、FAXで受け付けており ますので、お気軽にご連絡ください。
  Chiyoda Artificial Frower is now a days one of the seldom company in Japan whose manifacturing is completed one by one, all by hand made. We are a manufacturing company that produces accessories such as hair ornaments, corsages and so on.
We aspire to the craftsmanship that makes you happy with the products which we politely manufacture one by one by all hand made and that products colors your important day.
We make effort to be able to provide the products in answer to a variety of needs and good quality by using the technique cultivated for many years with the strong preferences for the products made in Japan.

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